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DUI/OVI - Help neeeded Urgently

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  • DUI/OVI - Help neeeded Urgently

    I am feeling very bad for my self to tell that i have been given a DUI/OVI and Reckless driving note yesterday night. I took the Alocholic test with police and below the limits only though .062% against the .08% mark. This is my very first DUI/OVI Charge and i do not any other records in past.

    I have my court date set as Wednesday that 9/16. I want some help on how to approach this situation.

    I am more worried about my H1 Extension , as this has been filed just a month back and i have received only the acknowledgement only till now. What other consequences i have to face , i still do not know. Please help me in regard of this on how to approach this situation.

    Also , would there be any implications to wards employment , H1 Extension and GC Processing because of this record ?