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Dependent H4 Visa and traveling on Bail

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  • Dependent H4 Visa and traveling on Bail

    Hi ,

    I work in IT company and will be traveling soon to US...H1 B Visa stamping is in progress.

    I want to take my wife on H4 dependent Visa.

    Issue is: My wife is on Bail.....My wife friend filed a false cheating case against her. They both were friends before and had some money transactions. When they become enemies, to trouble her, my wife's friend filed a case in Indian Session court as she had returned money via cheque and my wife had give her cash. As for Cash there is no proof, we are stuck.

    Right now , my wife is on Bail for last 2 years and court is not given any date yet.

    Can my wife travel to US?
    What she need to declare on form?
    Will there would be any issues?

    Your reponses will be greatly appreciated.