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DUI Case dimissal

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  • DUI Case dimissal


    Police filed DUI case but due to 0.03 results court dismissed case . I am on L1A visa I need to go back to india from USA due to family medical issue in next 3 weeks please help me to answer below questions

    1. While going back to India do they stop me or ask questions since I was arrested under DUI ? Do I need to go to CBP (Custom and border protection ) to verify that they will not stop me or ask questions ? I am bit worried
    2. My L1A visa got revoked due to arrest and I need to apply new visa while coming back any Idea problems I need to face for it ?
    3. What are all certified documents I need to carry while travelling or for next visa processing ? ( My lawyer will give me judge statement , court motion for dismissal)
    4. My lawyer is suggesting not to expungement/expunction records since he told that for next visa its important for USCIS to see case dismissal order and it I expungement/expunction it then they can not see that .. Please let us know your opinion ?

    Many Thanks in advance please help any guidance will be highly valuable for me.