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I-485 with a pre trial diversion for shoplifting

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  • I-485 with a pre trial diversion for shoplifting

    How can I describe my case with USCIS in I-485?
    I am going to file a green card application. My F1 visa is going to be expire in December 2018. I am doing a pre trial diversion which will dismiss my shoplifting charge in 2 August. I will bring the final court disposition in the interview. I think I am in the petty exception. Since I do not have any court paper now, what other evidence do I need to submit with the I-485? How can I explain my case?
    Do I need to bring any other document in the interview? How can I show that I have good moral character?
    Is there any chance for me to get the green card approve?
    Thank you so much for your time!