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Forging real estate documents by family member to cheat with divorce

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  • Forging real estate documents by family member to cheat with divorce

    Hi I and my wife are going thru divorce both here on GC. My father in law here on visitor visa decided to have a settlement deed mailed from India on a rs 50 bond paper back dated it almost a year and convinced my wife to sign it. This is a marital property back India in my wife's name. they did this to get more alimony from me. As per the document my wife executed the settlement deed to her dad. Her argument now is since the marital property is no longer in her name she needs alimony. She makes $12 an hour I make a lot more. This deed is just cooked up and un registered. High value rental property worth a lot and has month income potential of about $1500

    Why I registered in my wife name? she was in India after giving birth to our first child at the time of buying that land
    At that time I was told by attorney here in Missouri as long as it is marital property even if it is in her name it should split into half in case of a divorce

    I have talked to divorce attorneys they see the discrepancy and have agreed to take it up with a judge. I have proof of remittances of over $113,000 to my in laws name.

    Is there a criminal case I can file against my father in law. Still soft corner on my wife due to kids involved
    I am disabled after an accident that is adding to the confusion and reason for divorce. It will be very difficult for me to raise kids all by myself and work. Hence would like to go light on my wife and get nasty with father in law.

    Any similar experience? I am in Missouri