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AOS interview with an arrest record FOLLOW UP

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  • AOS interview with an arrest record FOLLOW UP

    This might be helpful to anyone who is going to AOS interview with a previous arrest record, it is a follow up to this post: http://www.immihelp.com/forum/showth...439#post109439

    We had our interview yesterday (5/13/08) in Garden City, NY.

    The Phillipino officer was very courteous and intelligent, and it was overall a pleasant experience. He asked me how I met my husband. I told him at an "artsy" photo shoot and that we actually have photos from the first day we met (which he looked at later.) He asked my husband on what visa he came to America (J1 student program) if he completed the program (camp), what were his duties in the camp. He asked him what he did to support himself all these years in America. My husband said "odd jobs", which is true because he was out of status.

    He asked to see proof of our joint life together.

    I showed him:
    -joint bank account statement
    -2 joint credit cards
    -copy of our medical insurance card with same #
    -2007 tax return
    -utility bill with both of our names on it
    -cell bill showing me calling his number highlighted from 3 different years
    -stack of pictures from civil ceremony (we didn't have a wedding)
    -stack of pictures over the 4 years of our relationship

    He kept the tax return, one of the cell bills, joint medical insurance, utility bill and a picture of us together and another picture from civil ceremony.

    He paid a lot of attention to the pictures, looked through most of them and asked questions about what was going on. It was good that I had some pictures of my husband and my family together
    he specifically asked more questions about those.

    Anyway, back to the arrest record.
    During the second portion of the interview, he asked "have you ever..." questions, one of them was "have you ever been arrested". My husband said yes. Later the officer came back to it and asked to see the court disposition letters, and asked my husband to explain what happened in his own words. My husband said that in 2000 he jumped over a turnstile, and in 2003 he tried to steal something from home depot. The officer said "these are minor violations and do not preclude you from getting your greencard, it is good that you brought court dispositions." (phew!) He then asked if my husband ever had run ins with the law again, and he said "no".

    He told us that the case looks good, and that we will get the greencard in the mail in 2-4 weeks. But he also told us that he cannot stamp my husbands passport on the spot because of the arrests he has to show the case to his supervisor as a matter of formality. In the last minute he felt kind of bad for us and took the passport back and wrote in the passport that we had the interview and the case was pending, his name and some number that starts with an "A".

    So we are keeping our fingers crossed about getting that green card soon.