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Arrest and case dismissed 10 years ago I-485

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  • seemslikeforever
    You need to disclose all arrests, convictions, and charges you had. Even if it was dismissed or expunged, FBI background check has access to everything. They will know.
    If the local courts do not have a record of it, print out the paper where it shows you tried to reach out to the courts and they stated there is no record. Usually for a dismissed case you would have to ask the court for a certified letter if disposition (with a seal) showing that the case was dismissed.

    If the police department or the court doesn't have anything you will have to tell that to the officer interviewing you. But be honest about the arrest and be prepared to explain what happened.

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  • bichoSL
    started a topic Arrest and case dismissed 10 years ago I-485

    Arrest and case dismissed 10 years ago I-485

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm filling out the I-485. I almost forgot (it's been 11 years) that I got arrested in 2010 when I first arrived in the USA for being inside a car with alcohol in a dry campus (didn't even know what a dry campus was). I was cited to court, we plead no guilty and case was dismissed. I never received any document (I was staying in the dorms) and didn't have an american ID (only Spanish ID). I contacted the people that was with me by then and they also don't have any papers regarding the arrest or the citation. I contacted Kentucky courts to ask for a backgroung check (criminal report) and they send me a document saying nothing was found. I'm afraid I can't show anything else regarding the situation 11 years ago. I've been with different visas, studying, working etc for 11 years here, even with a company running a background check. What else can I do? there's any other place i can ask for an arrest report?

    Thank you very much in advance!!