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DUI and F1 visa re-entry to the US

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  • DUI and F1 visa re-entry to the US

    Hi all!

    I have been a F1 Visa student for about 3 years in the US. I was arrested for drunk driving in California. In court I pleaded no contest and received a minimal sentence which was 1 year probation, 48 hours of community work and a suspended license along with a required alcohol program. The court gave me an extended time period to complete the community work and alcohol program since I was returning to my home country for the summer. I did not consult an immigration attorney, which looking back, was rather stupid. I'm back in my country now and worried that when I return next month I will encounter problems in the airport as I try to re-enter. My I-20 is in order and I have a year left before it expires, but I am concerned that I need to bring a medical document from a panel physician back with me even though nobody so far has advised me that. The reason I mention the medical document is because I read about it online, but I am not sure it applies to my situation. What are the likely events for me when I arrive in the US in a months time?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you.

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    Sorry dude... i am in similar situation..
    What happen in ur case....could you let me know please.



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      Update ??

      Please share what happened to you after that. Really worried here. send me a private message if you like.


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        Update?? Same situation with me.

        Hi, i am also in the same situation right now. what happened with your situation? are you okay now.

        I am also in similar situation right now
        I got my OPT Extension and it is valid until June 2013. I got a DUI two days ago. I will be applying for H1B in April 2013. Will there be any problem at that time or any special forms to fill for the DUI for H1B.

        is it okay to go to India(Planing to go India in Aug 2012) on DUI. what needs to be done before leaving and while coming back

        Anyhelp will be greatly appreciated.



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          hi. pls reply what happened in your case?

          I am also in same situation.

          I am in OPT and applying for H1B in April 2013. I got a DUI a week back and still waiting for court hearing.

          Can you pls tell me what happened in your case. Also I am planning to go to India mid next year, is there anythin I need to do before I go to ensure I get back safe?

          thank you!


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            Its not recommended to leave the country until your case is done but take few letter from the lawyer saying the cases is still on going and you have to return back to USA to take care of it.
            You will be definitely going through secondary check during POE which takes around 1 hour or so.
            Your H1-B ext will go OK but the stamping might have some delays for medical examination etc.

            Note: I am not a lawyer or working for any firm. Above description is just a recommendation. More in-dept details and knowledge can be provided by your lawyer only.


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              same situation : but my hearing was completed

              I'm an international student.I got a DUI in 0ct 2017. Later I attended my court hearings and paid half amount and went for reinstating(in order to activate my SEVIS) at Mexico border and I busted.they said your visa revoked. cuz of my good credit (jail credit points: i've been in jail for 12 hours & i paid court fee )they gave me an opportunity to withdraw my visa and gave me 6 days of time to get out from USA. Now can i re-apply for my visa? is there any chances of getting approval? ... (they stamped on BRO cancellation on my visa ) i applied for new passport . will any other county knows about my arrest Except (canada)?