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Safe traveling with advanced parole

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  • Safe traveling with advanced parole

    My wife and daughter received their EAD and advanced parole on May, as well as their social security cards. They have been working full time since and would like to visit home, Cuba, for a few weeks at new years. My question is, in this atmosphere of immigration, has anyone used advanced parole to travel while waiting for AOS, then returned to the US without any problems. We don't want to lose all that we have sacrificed and spent, just to be denied entry. Thanks

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    The EAD/AP is valid and there is nothing to worry about. please don't stress yourself.
    Marriage based AOS (IR1)
    Field Office : Chicago
    Service Center : NBC
    07/03/19 : RD
    07/13/19 : BIO Notice
    07/24/19 : BIO Complete
    07/26/19 : BIO Review Done
    09/05/19 : Ready to be scheduled for Interview
    10/04/19 : Interview scheduled
    11/13/19 : Interview Day