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My journey for EID based on i485

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  • My journey for EID based on i485


    I married US citizen on B1 visa. And the struggle we did was so painful and become disaster. I am professional and we thought 6 months we can rest and then will start job but we didn’t know that it took so long. We reached to frustrating position at the end.

    The only thing worked was keep going and try. Do not sit and wait. My lawyer also played a great roll and fight for my case. I keep contacted them no matter the response was same.

    Also please pray a lot. In my case this worked.

    Ombudsman are the best and fast than congressman and other supporting administration officials.

    but still we have to go far for green card and then naturalization. At least now I can work and visit to family.

    here is my journey of part one. These are main milestones but in between a lot phone called to Uscis and congressman contacts 2 times.

    27th Sept 2018 app posted

    4th oct 2018 cheques accepted

    9th Oct 2018 received receipt of 4 applications

    19th oct 2018 biomedical notice

    30th oct 2018 bio test

    19th Feb 2019 sms

    5 March 2019 sms

    3rd April 2019 sms

    17th April 2019 sms

    1st may 2019 sms

    15th May 2019 sms

    29th May 2019 sms

    28th August 2019 ombudsman request raised by lawyer

    30th August 2019 contacted congressman

    9th September 2019 congressman response received pending at this time

    13th Sep 2019 ombudsman follow up message

    28th Sep 2019 sms email card 765 order to produce

    1st October 2019 i131 travel is approved

    1st October 2019 Ombudsman informed “Thank you for contacting the Ombudsman’s Office. We have reviewed your request for case assistance and found that USCIS recently mailed

    2nd October 2019 received email that EID card mailed

    5th October 2019 Card received

    6th October 2019 EID card received

    11th Oct social security card came

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