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AOS interview scheduled during AP travel

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  • AOS interview scheduled during AP travel

    Me (USC) and my fiancé are getting married around the start of this March, and filing for AOS and AP concurrently. She has to return to her country for 4 months from september to December to finish her final semester and get her degree. I will go with her and we will live together until her semester ends, at which point we will return to America.

    Is there a chance that USCIS schedules our AOS interview during the period we are on our AP leave? If they do, can we reschedule for a date that is potentially months later when we are back?
    I am afraid of her AOS being abandoned because they schedule the interview while we are on AP leave.

    thank you!

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    mine was scheduled while i was AP leave. I had to come back.
    I would suggest keep track of your case and when they schedule you then come back. It is not a good idea to reschedule your interview.


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      As a reminder, please wait to have AP before traveling abroad. Sometimes the AP takes longer than GC interview/card, in other words, they don't give AP for many cases.
      Nov 2018 - Package sent - EB - Texas Service Center
      Day 1 - Package received at the lockbox
      Day 12/34 - Case and Fingerprint Fee Received / Biometrics appointment
      Day 112 - EAD delivered
      Day 195 - Letter for missing I-693
      Day 4xx - no news (retrogression)
      EAD Renewal: 2 approved in 24 days, 1 pending for 80 days