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  • Interview schedule and re-appointment

    Hello all;

    We filed for my greencard (my husband is a green card holder) in September 9, 2019. Biometric was done on October 4. We didn't get EAD until now. Though I got an advance parole because I wanted to visit family.

    What are the chances of an interview being scheduled the next one or two months? The reason, my husband has to travel (it cannot be postponed) and if he gets stuck outside the country we may miss the interview date.

    Is it possible to reschedule the interview if it happens when he is outside the country and cannot attend because of Coronavirus travel restrictions? Or is it never advised?

    Thanking you in advance.

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    Yes, it is possible to reschedule the interview, but you are also at the mercy of the USCIS when it comes to picking a date and time. So it could possibly push your interview date back a month or two or three (depending on how full they are) and that's entirely up to your discretion. However; it is easy to reschedule. Simply call the USCIS and ask for a "Tier 2 Officer." Typically they will have to call you back in a few hours but they can help you with so much more than the representatives can.

    Good luck.


    (Marriage Based AOS)


    June 20 - Got married

    August 2 - Sent in package

    August 9 - USCIS received package

    September 4 - Biometrics were taken

    September 6 - case has been updated fingerprints were taken

    October 24 - Received a RFIE

    October 31 - Mailed RFIE back to USCIS

    November 4 - USCIS received RFIE


    February 12 - I485 Interview ready to be scheduled

    February 18 - Interview has been scheduled

    February 24 - Received appointment notice by mail. Interview Scheduled for March 26

    February 27 - EAD has been approved

    March 2 - EAD approval notice by mail

    March 2 - EAD card has been mailed

    March 5 - EAD has arrived by mail

    March 7 - Returned EAD to have DOB corrected

    March 13 - USCIS received returned EAD

    March 13 - Appointment Notice - biometrics St. Louis, March 23rd (I-131 Travel Document)

    March 18 - All USCIS field offices closed to public until April 1

    March 20 - DOB has been fixed