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EAD TIMELINE AOS from F1 to Greencard ( Marriage to USC )

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  • EAD TIMELINE AOS from F1 to Greencard ( Marriage to USC )

    Hi everyone, I hope this helps give perspective to anyone who is adjusting status from Student Visa to Greencard through marriage :

    I got a notification from USCIS on Monday (March 23rd, even though I checked it today around midnight March 25th ) that the EAD card was approved and 13hrs later ( this afternoon ) I got another notification that it was mailed. I am still waiting for an interview ( the case is "ready to be scheduled for an interview " ) I submitted my adjustment of status package ( F1 to Greencard through marriage to USC ) in October of last year (2019).
    This is my time line so far :

    Oct 11 2019 Mailed Application for Adjustment of Status
    Oct 14 2019 Application received by USCIS
    Nov. 22 2019 Biometrics
    Dec 16 2019 RFIE (Birth Certificate translation )
    January 16 2020 Response to RFIE
    February 18 2020 Case is ready to be schedule for an interview
    March 23 2020 EAD Combo card ( AP and EAD ) Approved
    March 25 2020 EAD mailed
    (** I do not require an SSN because I got one within 2 weeks after arriving the US as a student. I don't know if that influences/d the 'speed' of my EAD application or AOS application** )

    Hopefully I get it in the mail by March 27 2020 ( in two days - this Friday ) ... I'll update this post if I do

    EDIT :

    Received another notification today, the card was mailed, USPS will deliver it on Saturday ( March 28th ) ... Will update once the card is in hand.

    EDIT #2 :

    Card in hand ( combo EAD/AP card ) ( Arrived this morning )
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    Congratulations! Mine is at "ready to be scheduled for interview" stage (since March 2nd). Waiting for EAD to be approved soon. By God's grace!!! Waiting sucks!