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EAD, Advance payroll and Income requirement

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  • EAD, Advance payroll and Income requirement

    Hi, my spouse is here on an F1 visa since 2017 and I am a US citizen. for 2019 out joint tax return was $26,000 and I did not work for 2019 just started working two months back. Out joint income for 2020 will be more than $40,000

    if we apply for AOS for my spouse, Does the USCIS check the income stuff for issuing the EAD and Advance payroll? will we get a REF if for now we are only concerned for EAD and Advance payroll? or they only do the background check for EAD and AP?


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    I don’t think they check taxes before issuing an EAD.
    EAD is just a work authorization until the case is approved or denied. Submitting the most recent tax returns (2020) is required. Two previous years (2019 and 2018) is recommended. However, it’s always safer to check with an attorney.

    Good luck!