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  • EAD Wait Time

    Hello All,

    My application for EAD was delivered more than 3 weeks ago but I haven't received any receipt number yet. With everything that's going on right now, how long do you think it will take to at least get a receipt number to make sure my application is not lost !?

    I have a pending I-485 based on asylum case so I didn't pay any fees for this EAD application. I live in California and sent to Phoenix lockbox.

    Every time I filed any application, I got a receipt number in my email less than a week from package delivery.

    Thank you!

    Feel free to share your timeline.

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    Is your I485 marriage or employment based?


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      Originally posted by longee94 View Post
      Is your I485 marriage or employment based?
      Asylum based


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        For future reference, I emailed lockbox after 22 days of no receipt and the next day I got my receipt number texted to my phone.

        No response to my email though but probably that was the reason.