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Filing I-765 while another one is pending

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  • Filing I-765 while another one is pending

    I am curious about the possibility of filing a form I-765 while another one is pending in the following situation.

    Student F1 OPT STEM (EAD class c3c)
    Have filed I-765 for EAD under class c9, still pending. Expedite request denied. Old EAD about to expire.
    Automatic 180-day extension does not apply because of different classes

    How about filing another I-765 but for class c3c? I assume it will be denied, but because the 180-day extension applies in this case, it will allow employment until it gets denied, by which time the first I-765 may have been approved. Is this something one can do? Would the second I-765 interfere with the processing of the first one?

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    From what I understand you have EAD class c03c and it doesn't qualify for the 180-day extension
    Nov 2018 - Package sent - EB - Texas Service Center
    Day 1 - Package received at the lockbox
    Day 12/34 - Case and Fingerprint Fee Received / Biometrics appointment
    Day 112 - EAD delivered
    Day 195 - Letter for missing I-693
    Day 6xx - no news (retrogression)
    EAD 1st renewal: 2 approved in 24 days, 1 in 133 days