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Is it risky to leave the US with Advance Parole while waiting for an interview?

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  • Is it risky to leave the US with Advance Parole while waiting for an interview?


    I've seen some people freaking out about it and others not concerned about it at all. Any attorneys here to provide more realistic and reliable information about it or some people who had left the US recently?

    My husband and I are waiting for USCIS to schedule an interview since early April/20. He came here on an F-1 visa and completed his MBA last year, and he was on a valid OPT at we got married and submitted our application. It was processed very quickly until the last update which is "case is ready to be scheduled for an interview".

    He read online a bunch of people saying to not leave the US until getting a GC and this is freaking him out. I told him to not worry about it, although it's easier for me as I'm a US citizen, so I was wondering I would be able to find more realistic and reliable information about this topic.

    PS: AOS from an F-1 visa through marriage.

    Thank you!


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    Usually, interviews are scheduled 30 days from the notice date so as long as you're not out of the country for that length of time, you should be okay. It might be worth having someone check your mail so if the notice does arrive while abroad you will find out quickly.


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      A green card is always better, but traveling on AP is fine. My husband and I went out the country on his AP and everything was fine
      3/21/18 - file (I-765, I-485, I-130) received by NBC
      4/2/18 - Received 3 receipts for 3 cases
      4/2/18 - Received biometrics appointment
      4/27/18 - biometrics complete
      7/6/18 - I-485 Ready to be scheduled for interview
      8/10/18 - EAD in Production
      8/13/18 - "We approved your case" I765
      8/16/18 - We mailed your card to you

      Field office NYC