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i-765 Receipt notice 180 extension

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  • i-765 Receipt notice 180 extension

    I need some help trying to figure out what to do. my ead expire since January 17 2021 and ive been using the receipt notice with the 180 extension but now my 180 days is also expire and base on the uscis website timeline for the EAD they still have 3 months to go because it currently take 11 months to get a renewal EAD.
    anyone have any suggestion on what i can or could do because if i do not submit something to my employer that i am qualified to continue working i may get let go and out out of work and bills to pay
    May 02, 18 - File all forms together
    May 02, 18 - Finger print fees received
    May 06, 18 - I-765 Return for missing signature and was mail back out same day
    May 11, 18 - I-765 Received
    May 18, 18 - RFIE
    May 29, 18 - Both finger print done
    June 5, 18 - RFIE Received
    Sep 21, 18 - Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview
    Sep 21, 18 - Interview Was Scheduled
    Oct 31, 18 - Interview complete
    Jan 18, 19 - EAD New Card Is Being Produced
    Jan 25, 19 - EAD Received in hand

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    Maybe expedite your EAD?

    I'm also working with 180 days extension. Mine will expire on September 20 or so. If I don't get the new card (or the GC) by August 1st I will try to expedite.
    Nov 2018 - Package sent - EB - Texas Service Center
    Day 1 - Package received at the lockbox
    Day 12/34 - Case and Fingerprint Fee Received / Biometrics appointment
    Day 112 - EAD delivered
    Day 195 - Letter for missing I-693 (RFE)
    Day 817 - RFE for I-693 (again)
    More than 120 days since USCIS received RFE