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Changing jobs - H1B to using pending I-485 EAD

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  • Changing jobs - H1B to using pending I-485 EAD

    Hello all,

    I wanted to hear 1st hand experience from folks who have started to use their pending I-485 EAD/AP to change jobs.

    I have a job offer but they do not sponsor any visas or GCs. They probably won't be able to sign Form I-485J either. My priority date is Aug 2014, and I am debating if should risk changing jobs now and start working on EAD. If I accept the job offer and start working on EAD, what will happen when my date is current? Will a job offer letter which is in a similar field be sufficient to get GC approved?

    Wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your time.‚Äč