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  • Work for 2 employers

    My priority date is May 18 2009 (EB2). Currently working for company A using EAD (company has sponsored H1B as a backup). Company A is in semiconductor field. Have an offer to join company B (medical device field). Will be joining CompanyB on EAD in 1 week. Company B is also starting H1B petition as a backup. I have 6 weeks vacation time left with company A. Company A and Company B are NOT competitors. CompanyB will also file for I-485J as job role is similar even though fields are different and both companies are not competitors.

    Will I be able to take vacation from company A and simultaneously start working for company B. Basically I will be loosing about $9K in vacation time and some other perks. What are the risks.

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    I'd recommend consulting with an immigration lawyer to ensure everything is on board.