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EB3 Greencard Issue

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  • EB3 Greencard Issue

    Hi There,
    Can anyone please help with this?
    We have completed our interview at the Embassy and recently travelled to the U.S to hand in paperwork to initiate our greencards.
    Apparently, these can take 6 months to arrive.
    We have returned to the U.K to sell up etc.
    Does anybody know how long we have before we must move to the U.S?
    My employer is very understanding and has said it takes as long as it takes.
    We have visas which expire in August 2013 but I assumed the greencards would superseed the visas?
    We are worried that we may not have enough time to sell our house for a decent price.
    I was told we have upto 1 year but have no idea if this is true.
    Many thanks