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EB1C - probably a w eird case

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  • EB1C - probably a w eird case


    Background -
    I'm currently working in UK as a project manager for an MNC service (say Company A). I was promoted as a manager in April '13. I'm employed by this company.
    However, I work at my client location. I'm working with this client (say Company B) from past 6+ years and as Development manager since Jan '13. Around 12 people report to me directly. Now my client is moving to US and will setup a new office in US. They've requested me as well to move to US by April '14 i.e next year. Chances are that I may be employed by my client at probably higher pay. My current employer Company A has office in US.

    My queries:
    1) If I now get hired by my client Company B then will I be eligible for EB1C? Can I say that I was "not employed" by Company B but I "did" work at their location in capacity of Development Manager and submit relevant proofs?

    2) Is it better that I go with my current employer Company A and file EB1C?

    3) Which work visa would be better L1A, L1B or H1B to get to EB1C?

    4) People are reporting to me since past 2-3 years but officially I've been given the title of project manager only since April '13. By the time I go to US it will be almost a year that I would have worked in this capacity. Since its been just a year and not years that I've worked as manager officially could this be an issue in getting EB1C?

    Kindly provide your valuable advice.