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    I came to US with L1B visa & moved to L1A about 8 months ago. But I have been working as manager for nearly 2+ years & now my company is willing to apply for GC. I am with this company for last 8 years & before I came to US I was a team lead in India. I have completed masters (MS) after my bachelor degree (BE). My L1A visa expires next year (so I have around 12 - 14 months left). I would like to know:

    [1] Am I eligible for EB1? Some websites say you need at least 1 year managerial/executive experience in India & some say without managerial experience still eligible for EB1C. Can someone clarify this?

    [2] If my company chooses to file in EB2 category, is there scope for extending the stay in L1A once my visa expires? If GC application is accepted, is there an exception?

    [3]In general - If some one comes from India on L1B & gets L1A (becomes manager) in US, is there a provision to apply for GC in EB1?

    I would really appreciate a quick response.

    Regards, Apur