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Can i apply for Green Card

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  • Can i apply for Green Card


    I am currently in H4 visa. The reason was the sudden lay-off due to lack of funding at a lab in a US university. I had to fall back on dependent visa (on my wife's H1B).
    I have a PhD from a US university, and I have postdoctoral experience. But my academic site is not that strong as I pursued a different line for a career (Originally I was in Pure Mathematics, but later tried to move to computational sciences), and so number of papers are little less than what I would like at this point in my career.
    Can somebody suggest is there a way for me to apply for Green Card at this point ?


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    In your situation, the best thing would be to apply as dependent through your wife's green card processing.

    You can try on your own but there is no way for anyone here to tell you whether that would succeed or not.
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