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    I have a 3 years Bachelors in Chemistry and 15 years of work experience. I need guidance what needs to be in order to be eligible for EB2. My green card is filed under EB3 and I want to get it ported to Eb2.

    Here are the option that i think, I have.

    Option 1- Do distance 2 years MSc IT from India followed by Distance Masters of Science (IT) in US again. The reason I will need to do MSc IT in India is because my 3 years Bsc. is not equivalent to US Bachelors and US schools are asking to Bachelors in Information technology again.

    Option 2- Do distance 2 years MCA from India. The only reason I am thinking of Option 1 over Option 2 is MS from USA will have more weightage then MS from some remote college in India ( Sikkim Manipal)

    Please let me know if i should go for Option 1 or Option 2. In both options since my most of my work experience will be before I get my masters degree. Will i be eligible for EB2 in either option 1 or option 2.

    Please do let me know.