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EB1 category - file for spouse and dependents later?

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  • EB1 category - file for spouse and dependents later?


    My company is filing my GC in EB1 category. I am on L1A visa, and my wife is currently on H1 visa with my daughter on H4 visa. Can I go ahead and file my documents first and then add my spouse and dependent's documents later (1-2 months laters)? Will it impact the GC processing in any way? Will they be in the same category / priority processing and get their EAD at the same time as me (Assuming the delay in their documents is no more than 2 months after mine).

    The reason for this is because my visa is expiring at the end of April 2014, and i urgently need to have my EAD approved. My daughter recently had a live virus flu shot, and hence cannot undergo TB test for next 30 days, and might require a xray after that. (she turns 3 in the april). Also, my wife is still to get her birth certificate (non-availability & affidavits) documents available, so there is a potential delay.

    Thanks in advance.
    -Confused GC applicant