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about green card application process, cost and time

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  • about green card application process, cost and time


    I am trying to find information on applying for a Permanent Residency through my Employer. My employer is located in Minneapolis, MN. I am wondering how much it costs from start to finish including time?
    I came to US on student visa (F1) in Jan 2003. I graduated in April 2009 and joined my current company. I was working with my OPT(Optional Practical Training) from April 2009 – September 2010. Then I applied for H1B and been on H1B visa since Oct 2010. I recently renewed my H1B last year till 2016.

    Do I qualify for EB2 or EB3 since I have 5 years of experience(it includes the work experience for my OPT as well). If I decide to change my employer during the application process, at what point can I do it?

    I will appreciate your kind reply.

    Thank you