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L1B to Green Card conversion

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  • L1B to Green Card conversion


    I am new to the Forum and looking for some guidance/information.

    looking for guidance on Green Card eligibility based on current L1B, here is my situation:-

    Current Visa Type: L1B
    Current Visa Status: Expires by Mar-14
    Current I94: Valid till Nov-14
    Total time spend in USA: 13 months (till date)
    My company is ready to file my Green Card next month

    1. How much time does it take to get Labor Certificate in EB1 or EB2 case?
    2. Planning to apply for L1B -Ext and In case if L1-Extn rejects; what happens to my GC status (assuming my company applies GC next month) ?
    3. Can we continue with same GC status if I come back again to USA with a fresh H Visa/L1 -B visa.

    Thanks in advance. I will appreciate your early guidance on this.