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GC ad issue

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  • GC ad issue

    Hello everyone,

    My wife finished her Ph.D. last year and got a tenure track position at a regional university. The HR people said they will start the GC process in a couple of months and they kept their promise. However, we start running into some problems. The job ad was not posted in a national professional journal hence they cannot file for LC using 656.18. They said they will run a new job add in a national professional journal and file the LC using that add. Some people think it may not be “ethic” to do it that way.
    My questions are:
    Would that be OK with DOL?
    If they run some regular adds and file under 656.17 what would be the advantage/disadvantage?
    If they do not run any ads what would be a possible solution?
    What is the best course of action for such situation?
    P.S. The Ph.D. is in finance so there is no way for her to apply through self petition.