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Approved I-140/CP and new H1-B

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  • Approved I-140/CP and new H1-B

    Below are my situations

    1. Joined Company 'X' in Jan 2005 - Multinational company.
    2. Labor and I-140 Approved with the PD 2006 April.
    3. Due to goof up on I-94(PP expired), overstayed for more than 180 days Oct 2007.
    4. With couple of RFE's, Went to Chennai consulate for H1 Extension and got H1 Approved till Jan 2010.
    5. Applied for Extension and got H1B approved without any RFE's till Jan 2013.
    6. since overstayed for more than 180 days, moved GC for CP by applying I-824.
    7. quit company 'X' due to personal reasons and Went back to India in 2010 and joined 'Y' Company.
    8. In Aug 2011, got a email on the CP dates ( when PD were current), called my 'X' Employer and they mentioned to ignore the notice.
    9. Stay back out of country (US) for 3 years.
    10. June 2013 came back to US with L1B visa (Short term) from new employer.
    11. Called the X employer and checked if they have revoked my I-140.
    12. Since my case was little complicated, HR is not sure if they have withdrawn my Approved I-140 and they mentioned usually they don't withdraw the approved I-140.
    13. Checked in the USCIS and i see no new modifications or activity has done to my approved I-140 or I-824.
    14. stayed for almost 10 months in US and went back to India.
    15. returned back to US again on L1B with same employer and would be staying for another year or so.

    Q1 - Assuming that if my previous company 'X' is not revoked my approved I-140, is there a way i can reapply for H1-B with my approved I-140?
    Q2 - If H1-B can be filled, will I have to wait in lottery quota or i can reuse my I-140 for new H1B.
    Q3 - If someone is ready to offer me a job with same skill set/salary and profile as per my earlier labor, can i file I-824 again for changing CP to AOS?
    Q4- can i file AC-21 and apply both I485 as its current now with new employee who has same job descr/loc/salary, etc.

    As i'm aware, the case is little complicated and need a experienced attorney, i just want to take your opinion and other options if any.. before I meet them.

    Thanks in advance