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Changing the Employer

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  • Changing the Employer

    My I-140 under EB3 is cleared an year ago. I am still under H1-B (Got 3 years extension after 6 years original period). Is it possible for me to change the empolyer and apply I-485 through new employer when my priority date is current?. Help is much appreciated..

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    Same question

    How soon can one change employer after their I-140 is cleared and can anyone explain the process


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      Change of employer after I140 approval

      Hi guys,
      Can someone please tell me if I can change my employer after approval of I140. And what is the time to apply for AOS.
      Please please someone answer me.....and explain the process....


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        You need 485, I think

        As I understand, you need to look into AC21 for portability. Thus, you need to have 485 filed and pending for 180 days before you could change.


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          change employer after 140 -- plese clarify this doubt

          Hello Gurus,

          Can you clarify my doubt?

          My I-140 is approved, but my employer is delaying to apply 485 and i have just 3 months of H1B to complete 6 years. If i have to change my employer, can i get 3yrs H1B extension with new employer?

          Please clarify, i will be grateful to you.

          Thank You,