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Green Card question - PLZZ help

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  • Green Card question - PLZZ help

    I'm originally from Pakistan but a naturalized Canadian citizen. Currently on an H1-B as a Systems Analyst and have a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. My employer is planning to file for my green card through PERM processing, I've heard it may now only take about 1 year, is that correct? Also, an Indian friend mentioned that the last stage I-485 for Indians has a huge wait time so essentially even the PERM process does not make any difference, is that the case for Pakistani born workers too?
    I checked online and it doesn't seem that there is any wait for I-485 for Pakistanis but I just wanted to confirm.
    Secondly, since I'm a Canadian citizen, would it be better for me to choose Consular processing vs. I-485 and would it further speed up the process?

    Thats a lot of questions and my apologies in advance but please I will really appreciate any advice/suggestion so I'm on the right track right off the bat.