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H1-B Amendment

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  • H1-B Amendment

    My lawyer screwed the original application my employer filed. My employer filed for a 3 year extension after a 6 year term (I-140 approved) in his cover letter. However, this "expert" lawyer without informing my employer has filed a 1 year extension and changed the I-129 and LCA originally signed by my employer since according to his opinion the government legally allows only 1 year increments on the 7th year. After giving him clippings confirming that his views are incorrect, he finally conceded that the law allows a 3 year extension on the 7th year and he will be filing an H1 amendment once their office receives the notice from the USCIS for the first H1B filed. Since we no longer trust our lawyer, can anyone assist us how to go about H1 Amendment and how can we be sure that our lawyer indeed filed an amendment to rectify the mistakes he made?