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COS - Perm filed with LIB and I-140 filed with H1B

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  • COS - Perm filed with LIB and I-140 filed with H1B

    Hi Experts, My spouse was on L1B during which his PERM was filed. He then had a COS from L1B to H1B. After his H1B became effective he received his PERM approval and his company's immigration team filed for I-140. When he was providing documents for I-140 filing, he also included the new H1B I797. We want to know if the PERM that was filed when in L1B will be valid to use for I-140 filing as he is no longer on L1B? Or did we have to file for PERM all over again on H1B basis after H1B became effective.
    His immigration team isn't as responsive so we are not still able to get a clarity on what is happening with his case. We just know that the I-140 is filed with USCIS. Since we are close to completing 6 years, if PERM needs to be done again, we might need to travel back to our home country.