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GC Filing in EB2 Category - possible without Masters Degree?

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  • GC Filing in EB2 Category - possible without Masters Degree?

    Here is my case followed by few questions.
    -I have done my Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology in 2005.
    -Having total five and a half years (at the time of writting this) of experience as Software Engineer / software Consultant.
    -I was in the USA on L1 Visa from April 2008 to Nov 2009.
    -Later, I entered in the States on H1 Visa in March, 2010 and my H1 is valid till Dec, 2012 followed by one extension of duration about 3.5 years.
    -My primary skills include Asp.Net, C#.Net, SharePoint and Silverlight technologies.
    -My salary is above 70,000 $

    -Can my company(Existing H1 sponsering firm) file my Green Card in EB2 category ?
    -Can another company (other than one who sponsered my H1) file for my Green Card under EB2 category - under Future Based Employement ?
    -Can I file for my Green Card with help of attorny firm - this might be a silly question but want to take a chance ?
    -If answers to above questions are/is NO then what all is required for me to qualify for EB2 category ?

    Answer/guidance will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    All are possible if the job requires one to have 5 years of exp plus a Bachelors.

    You cannot file a GC yourself.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.