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which is better EB2 or EB3

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  • which is better EB2 or EB3


    I am working for big company and are filing my GC in EB3

    But I have offer from other company which is filing in EB2 ,after 6 months .Presently I am in 5th year of my H1

    The issue is new company is paying less and no benefits as my current company , more over I need to move from west coast to north east coast

    Please any one suggest me which is the best option (eb3 more pay or eb2 less pay and weather)

    Thanks in advance

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    This is a very personal decision.

    FWIW, let's look at the visa bulletin.

    PD for India for EB2 on January/2011 was 08MAY06
    PD for India for EB3 on January/2011 was 01FEB02

    PD for India for EB2 on September/2011 is 15APR07
    PD for India for EB3 on January/2011 was 08JUL02

    Looking at those numbers you can see that EB2 has advanced almost a year on EB2, from January to September, while on the same period, EB3 only advanced 5 months. Not to mention the huge backlog on EB3.

    So generally speaking, EB2 puts you *way* closer than EB3 to a GC.

    In any case - it's your decision


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      Thanks for all the inputs ..I have made up my mind for changing the job

      Really appreciate your time