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Canadian dentist seeking help

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  • Canadian dentist seeking help

    Hey guys,
    I stumbled across your website and learned so much! so thank you for the service. I understand that your opinion is merely advice but I think anyone knows more than me at this point and I would appreciate any advice.

    Here's my situation,
    Im Egyptian by birth but a canadian citizen. Finished undergrad and dental schooling from the states. Have been In the states on an f1 visa for 5 years but upon graduation I started a residency program in Ohio so I was switched to a TN visa which literally took about 15 mins to get. Now after I'm done with the residency in this upcoming June I would like continue living here so I thought I should apply for residency. I will be practicing hospital dentistry at least 1 or 2 day/wk in most likely an underserved community and in private practice the rest of the time. So, when applying should I submit an application as Eb-2 advanced degree professional, Eb-3 professional worker or as niw since I will be leaving my current employer in about 7 months. And would I need to stay with my current employer if I was to apply through them?? How long would it approximately take if I was to go either way? And is this something that I can do on my own or should I be having an attorney? I was thinking of doing it on my own since I have some free time now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.