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L1 B visa extension and GC filing

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  • L1 B visa extension and GC filing

    I am currently on L1B.
    My original term of L1B was for 9 months(from 9th Sept 2009 to 1st June 2010).
    My first L1B extension was filed via USICS and approved for 1 year until 1st June 2011.
    My second extension was filed via USCIS again and is approved until 1st June 2013. Would I be eligible for another extension until I complete my 5 year term on L1B. Also my employer is in process of filing GC for me on L1B. How long does the LC approval take if filed on specialized knowledge basis ?
    Would I be able to get my LC approved before 1st June 2013 or until I complete 5 years on L1b?
    How does it work if you don't get your labor approved within 5 years term of your L1B ?
    Any help will be appreciated