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Mother Green Card - Seeking help

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  • Mother Green Card - Seeking help

    1. US citizen filed family-based petition for mother (form I-130) in October'2019. She was living in India at the time of filing this petition (Oct'2019).
    2. Mother came to USA on 21st March'2020 on B1/B2 Visa (Visitor Visa). She has 6 months till Sept 20th' 2020 to stay in US.
    3. My mother is blind and cannot live in India by herself (no relative in India). Goal is to file for Green Card, such that mother doesn't need to go back to India after 6 months of completion on Visitor visa.

    Approach -1:
    1. Since beneficiary is currently in USA, send letter to USCIS to update the details of pending Form I-130.
    2. Proceed with "Adjustment of Status" in lieu of "Consular processing" after the information is updated for pending Form I-130.
    3. Mother can stay in USA based on filing of Adjustment of status irrespective of Visitor visa expiry date.

    1. Disregard pending Form I-130 and file a fresh concurrent I-130 and Adjustment of Status petition as mother is in USA now.

    - Any other suggestion