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Paying National Visa Center (NVC) fees in Mumbai

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  • Paying National Visa Center (NVC) fees in Mumbai

    I have applied for GCs for my parents, my mother’s got approved and fathers is in processing. National Visa Center (NVC) has asked to pay fees for my mother, but I want to pay together for both parents. Does anyone know how much time I can wait before I have to pay the NVC fees?

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    When did you file the i130 for your mom? I applied in June 2020 and not heard from them anything yet.


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      Hello, I applied end of Oct-2020 and my mother's was approved in 3 weeks. It is a fluke case for sure. My father's is still pending.

      I am wondering if it is OK to bring them here with pending and approved I-130. Are you consulting any attorney?

      What stage is your case in?