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Anyone had Greencard and H1B running in parallel?

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  • Anyone had Greencard and H1B running in parallel?


    Once I-130 is submitted, it is usually not possible to get a non-immigrant visa (because I-130 declares immigration intent). A notable exception is the H1B visa (dual-immigration intent).

    This seems to be an extremely rare case for which I did not find lots of information on the web. I am in this situation where we applied for family based greencard and my employer sponsored H1B via premium processing (and I am not subject to quotas and schedules so right now I expect this to be faster than the greencard). Most likely, the embassy will have two applications and schedule two interviews for me.

    Is there anyone who had both family based greencard + H1B running in parallel?
    I am wondering if there are any things along the way which I should take care of?