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    My mother had an interview at the mumbai consulate in April last year for her green card. That interview was cancelled due to Covid. The original interview was scheduled for Dec 11 2019 which she was unable to attend. Today I checked CEAC and it says that the petition is cancelled because 1 year has passed. Please let me know what are the next steps

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    My situation is similar to yours. My mother was scheduled for her interview on January 2020. However, dur to medical condition, she was unable to attend the interview. We tried several times to schedule her visa interview however due to Mumbai consulate closure (since March 15th, 2020), President proclamation, and COVID-19, we were denied to schedule her interview. Recently, we receive a letter from Mumbai consulate stating that her file is cancelled and it can be reinstate if we provide an evidence showing circumstance were beyond her control. so we sent her medical records and Dr. certificate to Mumbai consulate via email but unfortunately we received very vague answer stating that we can't take any action on your mother's file until President proclamation expires on 31st March, 2021.

    My next step is to hire lawyer if they won't reinstate her file.

    Nandish Patel