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    My mother had an interview at the mumbai consulate in April last year for her green card. That interview was cancelled due to Covid. The original interview was scheduled for Dec 11 2019 which she was unable to attend. Today I checked CEAC and it says that the petition is cancelled because 1 year has passed. Please let me know what are the next steps

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    My situation is similar to yours. My mother was scheduled for her interview on January 2020. However, dur to medical condition, she was unable to attend the interview. We tried several times to schedule her visa interview however due to Mumbai consulate closure (since March 15th, 2020), President proclamation, and COVID-19, we were denied to schedule her interview. Recently, we receive a letter from Mumbai consulate stating that her file is cancelled and it can be reinstate if we provide an evidence showing circumstance were beyond her control. so we sent her medical records and Dr. certificate to Mumbai consulate via email but unfortunately we received very vague answer stating that we can't take any action on your mother's file until President proclamation expires on 31st March, 2021.

    My next step is to hire lawyer if they won't reinstate her file.

    Nandish Patel


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      HI Nandish, did you see any movement on your mother's case? My mother's case was documentarily qualified one year back, but due to the proclamation the NVC did not transfer the case to the consulate. I am waiting to hear from NVC but do not know if the IR5 processing has begun in Mumbai. Do you know if the consulate has begun processing these yet? Thanks brother!


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        Hello Dominoing,

        I've not heard anything from Mumbai Consulate. I emails them couple of times but everytime they are replying with same answer stating "... we can't comment on your mother's file, IR5 visa is not available until March 31st...."

        I'll keep you posted on progress.

        Nandish Patel


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          Hello all,

          Any movement in your cases? My parents got their visa approved but did not get the stamp. Should we contact NVC or mumbai consulate?

          Thank you!


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            Great news! Good to know there is movement in US Consulate. Thanks for the update. When did their papers get documentariliy qualified by NVC? My dad's got cleared in January 2021. Just trying to see how long will be the wait for an interview.

            Thanks for your reply.


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              My parents case got document approved in Aug 2020 still nothing on interview …can someone please tell me if Mumbai consulate is working full fledged?


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                My father's case got DQ'ed in May 2020. Still waiting for interview. Any idea as to what date they are currently granting? Is there a way to call and expedite?


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                  Looks like they are processing DQ March 2020 right now...


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                    Thanks for the response. It has been difficult to get any updates. Where do we track the current dates? Please post updates as you have more information.


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                      rahultcs No known official way to track. . It appears that cases move about once a month only, latest being last week. The movement is extremely slow unfortunately for last couple months. Last known DQ interview is March 17. Please share if you know more.


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                        From this post, it seems that they are doing Feb 2020 as well. Wonder if they go by DQ date or priority date?

                        10-12-2021, 11:48 AM
                        Originally posted by runin2us
                        kumar_ir5 congratulations on IV!! Please can your share your DQ date? As far as I have heard you have to schedule your biometric, medical separately.

                        Please tell us your exact DQ date for our benefit. Thanks!
                        Not sure exactly what DQ is but here are the dates from documents:
                        PRIORITY DATE: 13-NOV-2018
                        Final documents are accepted : 07-Feb-2020
                        I'll be happy to share if it means any other dates
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                          rahultcs Yes i noticed this too. They officially go by DQ date, but perhaps PD also factors in? I know of mid-Feb DQ dates who interviewed in July and already reached US. Haha.


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                            I'm hearing that IR5 IVs are being scheduled by NVC but they are 6mo into the future. Is that true? Sounds too long of a wait.