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Birth Certificate to prove parent relationship

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  • Birth Certificate to prove parent relationship

    I have applied for family based Green Card for my mother.
    For the I-130 application, I received an RFE asking for birth certificate with her full name on it to prove the relationship.
    The birth certificate that was issued for me (back in 1980) just contains her first name (not correctly spelled at that!) and my dad's first name. Nothing else other than my name and DOB etc.
    I am not sure if this will suffice as evidence. I also have my old Indian Passport that contains the full name of my mother, as it is in the I-130 (and I-485) applications. Can I notarize that and add it as an evidence?
    Alternatively (or additionally), does anyone have experience with applying for birth certificate at the Indian Embassy here in the US after getting US citizenship? They are asking for notarized copies of Indian and US passports and driver's license, which I can get. Not sure if my mother's name will be printed in its entirety in in the certificate that they provide.

    Greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    Can you request that info at the court level? I am just wondering