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H1B transfer to other company after I-140 is approved with the previous

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  • H1B transfer to other company after I-140 is approved with the previous

    Can I transfer H1B to another company even after the first 6 years of H1b are done but my I-140 is approved with current company?
    This will allow me to get in EB2 category with the new company as I will have master's degree and 5 years experience by then.

    Current situation:
    -On H1b with current employer and I-140 filed (Not yet approved) under EB3 category.
    -On a contract till July 2013 with the current employer, which also marks the date for H1b extension under this company and extension of licenses attached with H1b. This happened because I changed my original company of petition from 2008. My H1b term was something like this- 2008-2009 then 2009-2012 but transferred in 2010 so it became 2010-2013.
    for extension in july I have to file earlier like march or something.
    -Will graduate from master's degree in august-2014
    -Started H1b term in Oct 2008. which means Oct 2014 marks the 6 year limit.
    -Current employer is not very co-operative when it comes to refiling under EB2 category ( I will ask them in future because I don’t want them to revoke my I-140)

    If I find another company who files under EB2 category after my graduation will I be eligible for H1b extension even after 6 year term? I know its 2 years from now but I want to act ahead so I can plan where and which company I can join.

    Thank you in advance for your help.