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URGENT: I-140 approved: Question for changing job

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  • URGENT: I-140 approved: Question for changing job


    I am on H1-B Visa (used my 6 years) and my PERM (EB-2) is also in process by my current Employer (Emp A). Currently, my I-140 is approved (in Nov 2013) and my PD is March 1st, 2013.
    I have got additional 3 year extension on my H1-B until March 2017.

    I have got an Offer from Employer B and they are willing to resume with my PERM process.

    Before accepting the offer from Employer B, my questions to Emp B.
    I have listed some below, please suggest/add based on your knowledge
    1. If my I-140 is not revoked, How soon Emp B can start my PERM and need to make sure they file the same in EB-2 or Priority does not matter if only LCA is filed ?
    2. If my Emp A does not revoke my I-140, the next Emp B will just have to file a new LCA and that’s it, right ? And then, I just need to wait for my PD to become current before I can apply for 485 process. Is my thinking right ?
    3. If Emp A revokes my I-140, I need to be get it confirmed from Emp B that they should be able to start my PERM process from scratch.

    Few more
    4. Is it a good idea to talk to my Employer A that they should not revoke I-140 or I should just leave that to my luck ?
    5. If my Emp A decides to revoke my I-140, will they contact me before doing so ?
    6. I have heard that the new salary should not be significant higher than the current one. I am getting 15-25% hike from my current salary. Will that be OK or it could cause problems ?
    7. Any other questions I should ask ???

    Thanks in advance