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I-140 for canadian citizen

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  • I-140 for canadian citizen

    Hi, I want to get little bit more clear on the Green card through emplyment process. I am a canadian citizen.

    1) Can my US employer directly start the I-140 process? Do I need H1 visa or anything?
    2) If yes, how long for the employer to Labor Certificate (LC), then I-140? I heard 6months to 3years for Labor certificate and less than 3 months for I-140.
    3) Can the employer file my I-140 before LC?
    4) When I can move to start working in the US for the employer? After I-140 is approved or after both I-140 and LC approved?
    5) Can I start I-485 filing as soon as I am in US and after I-140 is approved?
    6) How long for I-485 to be approved? I saw 4 months for Nebraska office somewhere.

    In other words, Can I get my green card from start to finish in less two years? (6 months for LC + 3 months for I-140 + 4 months for I-485) What part did I get wrong?