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  • I-140

    Hello, everyone,

    I have a Ph.d and Master's degrees in music from US Universities. Two years ago I applied for NIW following an advice of my lawyer. I got RFE and my application subsequently got denied. I am thinking of applying again either for EB1 or maybe NIW again.

    Will the fact that my NIW petition was denied affect the decision on my new immigration petition?

    If I find an employer that will be willing to file my I-140 in the future, would the fact that I have denials on my previous I-140s affect my employer-sponsored I-140?(Just to add: after I had received an RFE, and before I filed my RFE response, I got a job offer and my employer applied for my H1B and it was approved in 15 days. Unfortunately, it was a one-year position. But nevertheless, does that mean that every petition is treated without regards to previous denials?)

    I would appreciate any advice!