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Employer wouldn't do EB2 when there is an option

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  • Employer wouldn't do EB2 when there is an option

    Hey Guys,

    Need some advice on how to do things ahead in regards to my permanent residence application.

    The perm position is EB2 qualified and says "Bachelors plus 5 years progressive experience required". This is what my employment history looks like,

    2008 - 2010 : Software Engg in India.
    2010 - 2012: Masters
    2012 - 2014: Fulltime Software Engg @ Company A
    2014 - Current: Fulltime Software Engg @ Company B

    Company B is filing for my perm.

    Lawyers at the company are fine with filing for EB2 but the position must say "Masters plus 2 years required" which manager is reluctant to provide. How do I deal with this situation?

    In worst case, should I stick with company denying to proceed my application in EB3 and either look for employer who would do in EB2 or continue with current employer to gain 5 years of experience (2012-2017)? My H1-B expires in 2019.