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140 with ex-employer ,H1 B with new employer

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  • 140 with ex-employer ,H1 B with new employer

    Hi ,

    I am with a big IT staffing company ( A) on H1B and they have filed my GC in EB2 . GC status is i140 Approved and its been 8 months . I might get opportunity for Contract-to-hire position with new Employer ( B) .
    The new employer ( B) may not be able to sponsor GC in near future but they can transfer H1B for fulltime hire position .

    Question : 1) My existing employer (A) has no problem in keeping i140 active if future company is not ready to file PERM . Is it possible ? Do i need to pay anything to keep it active to my employer (A) ?
    2) Since my H1B 6 years will complete in next 1 year ,is it possible for my new company to file H1b extension based on approved i140 ( Which will be with Employer A).
    3) My employer( A) asked me to come back to file i-485 for status change once your PD is current in future and join us back .

    I wanted to confirm if this scenario has no issues with my Green Card existing processing since i will be employed with other company(B) on H1 B having GC process with company (A) .
    Any Exp / suggestion is much appreciated .