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Process for i-140

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  • Process for i-140

    Is it possible for a business owner to partition on behalf of themselves?

    The scenario is, a person who is in an executive position within an Australian based company, is also the owner of related US based company.

    In order to move to the US with a green card, to carry out business for the US based business.

    So in an i-140 , it is my understanding that the employer (in this case the US based business) must partition the worker. Since they are both the Owner of the US business and the worker being partitioned. IS this scenario covered for an i-140?

    Are there any size requirements regarding the US based business , in terms of employees in order to use an i-140 to obtain entrance into the USA.

    It is my understanding that using the 1C option, a labor certification is not required.

    If the persons family members are listed on the i-140 , are they also entitled to green card status, even if they are not part of the company as such?

    Any help clarifying this would be appreciated.
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